Megan Cavanagh is a life-long Michigander who grew up in East Lansing and lives in metro Detroit. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and Wayne State University Law School. She has over fifteen years of experience as one of Michigan’s top appellate attorneys and is a shareholder at Garan Lucow Miller P.C. in Detroit.



I am proud to come from a family with a long and admirable history of serving the people of Michigan.

Loving Mom With A Passion For The Law

 Megan is the mother of two daughters, Georgia and Eloise. Together with her family, the decision was made to take this journey for Michigan Supreme Court. This is not just Megan’s journey. People across Michigan are joining the campaign to elect a justice with a strong, fair and independent voice to the Court.

Megan has served as Chair of the Appellate Practice Section of the State Bar of Michigan, an organization focused on maintaining excellence and improving appellate jurisprudence and practice in Michigan. She serves as a council person for the Negligence Section of the State Bar of Michigan, a diverse group of plaintiff and defense attorneys dedicated to finding consensus on important issues affecting citizens’ fair and equal access to the courts. She has served many years as co-chair of the Michigan Bench Bar Appellate Conference Foundation, organizing and participating in a truly unique educational opportunity for both judges and lawyers to constantly improve our state legal system. And, she is a member of the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, charged with the responsibility of ensuring that attorneys maintain the highest standards of representation for their clients, other litigants, and the legal system.

Megan has been rated as one of Michigan’s Super Lawyers since 2013. She was honored by Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly as a Lawyer of the Year in 2006 and a Woman in the Law in 2017.