Support Megan and her Supreme Court Campaign

“I want my daughters and all Michigan families to be able to count on our justice system to treat them fairly and with dignity no matter who they are up against.”

In times like these a Justice who is strong, principled and fair can make a difference for the people in Michigan. Megan is committed to making sure hardworking families have a voice. Our campaign is working hard to elect Megan Kathleen Cavanagh to the Supreme Court, please join us in this important effort.

You may also donate through the mail. Send checks to:

Cavanagh for Supreme Court
3229 Moores River Dr.
Lansing, MI 48911

Contributions or gifts to Cavanagh for Supreme Court are not tax deductible. An individual may contribute up to $6,800. Contributions must be made from personal funds and not from funds otherwise prohibited under law. To comply with state election law, we must use best efforts to obtain, maintain and submit the occupation, name of the employer, and address of the employer for individuals whose contributions exceed $100 per cycle. The Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits a judicial campaign committee from soliciting more than $100 per attorney. If you are an attorney, please regard this as informative and not a solicitation for more than $100. However, an attorney may make, and the judicial campaign committee may accept, a contribution from an attorney in any amount up to the individual maximum of $6,800.