I am running for the honor to serve the citizens of Michigan as a Supreme Court Justice because I believe that our justice system, the Supreme Court in particular, should preserve and promote the rights of all litigants and citizens on a fair and unbiased basis. The decisions made by the Court affect the lives of each and every citizen of this state and each litigant deserves the opportunity to stand on equal footing before the Court, advocate for their position, and receive full and fair consideration of the issues. As a Justice, I pledge to work tirelessly, not for any particular side or position, but for the fair and honest administration of justice.

Our courts must be the place in our government where every person is treated equally, no matter who they are. I want my daughters to be able to count on our justice system to protect them and treat them fairly and with respect.  

Experience and Values Matter

I am an experienced appellate lawyer and a mother of two young girls.  I care deeply about the law and our justice system. For over 15 years, I have represented a wide range of clients before both the state and federal appellate courts. Our courts must treat every person equally, no matter who they are. I want my daughters and all Michigan families to be able to count on our justice system to protect them and treat them fairly and with respect.

That is why I have committed my time and experience to organizations committed to improving our court system and making it the best it can be. I have served as Chair of the Appellate Practice Section of the State Bar of Michigan, an organization focused on maintaining excellence and improving appellate jurisprudence and practice in Michigan. I have served as a council person for the Negligence Section of the State Bar of Michigan, a diverse group of attorneys dedicated to finding consensus on important issues affecting citizens’ fair and equal access to the courts. I have served many years as co-chair of the Michigan Bench Bar Appellate Conference Foundation, organizing and participating in a truly unique educational opportunity for both judges and lawyers to constantly improve our state legal system.


As a member of the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, I work to make sure t attorneys maintain the highest standard of representation for their clients, other litigants, and the legal system.

Learning from my father former Justice Michael Cavanagh

I am proud to come from a family with a long and admirable history of public service on behalf of the people of Michigan. My father, Justice Michael F. Cavanagh, is the longest-serving appellate judge in Michigan’s history and he dedicated his career to advocating for an intellectually honest justice system, open to everyone. I have learned a great deal from him about the tremendous responsibility that comes with serving the public as a judge. He is one of my role models and mentors and I hold myself accountable to maintaining his dedication to providing the citizens of this state with fairness, honesty, and integrity. I have always admired my father’s ability to place himself in the shoes of the litigants who came before him and the respect he held for those people trusting him with deciding their case. I pledge to carry on that tradition of fairly, impartially, and honestly upholding the law for the citizens of Michigan. My daughters and all of our children deserve a justice system that is for them.

I’m running for Supreme Court so that every Michigander has a voice, regardless of where they grew up and so that every Michigander knows their rights will be protected.

Setting The Example My Mom Set For Me

grew up with a strong and independent mother. She worked as an administrative assistant for a networking organization for rural, migrant, and underserved community health centers. She took classes while working her way up within the organization. By the time I was in college, she was responsible for recruiting and retaining physicians and other healthcare professionals to serve in those community health centers. My mom dedicated her life to helping people. She taught me that through hard work I could accomplish anything. She helped me find my voice and showed me that I could use it to make a difference for others.

These are the lessons I will bring with me to the Michigan Supreme Court. I will work hard and be a strong and independent voice for justice. Just as I learned from my mother, I know my daughters will be learning from me.